Tea Party 2.0

Missed yesterday’s Tea Party?taxday

You’ve got another chance to take part on April 15th.

What better day than Tax Day to hold a demonstration against wasteful government spending?

More info here.

I’ll see you there!

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Your Daily Dose

Cartoonist Glenn McCoy

Cartoonist Glenn McCoy

Cartoonist Eric Allie

Cartoonist Eric Allie

Cartoonist Glenn McCoy

Cartoonist Glenn McCoy

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Gov. Doyle Head Fake

In 2006, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle announced a program called the Wisconsin Covenant.

Essentially, it’s an offer to all Wisconsin 8th graders to sign a contract promising to stay in school, get good grades, and stay out of trouble.  If they can manage this, they’ll be assured a spot in a state university or community college, and a financial aid package (based on financial need, of course, which they already would receive in normal circumstances).

What’s the problem with that, you ask?

Only that it was an empty promise, because the governor never figured out how to fund the program.

Fast-forward to the 2009-2011 budget, where Doyle is attempting to insert a phantom $25 million line item to fund the Covenant program.

Only problem is that the money isn’t going to be spent on the program or even set aside, but just returned to the main account at the end of the 2011 budget.

What if the economy worsens, and other -necessary- budget items demand that share of the budget?

It’ll mean Republicans being painted as attempting to steal the money from “the children,” and you and I paying more in taxes to cover the governor’s convenient oversight.

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Yet Another Way to Get People Spending…

The state of Minnesota is considering enacting a tax on clothing.

Clothing purchases currently are exempt from the 6.5 to 8% sales tax, which has been considered a special incentive to draw tourists to the Mall of America.  Half of MOA’s visitors are tourists, many coming from neighboring Wisconsin to save money.

One hangup of the proposal is Minnesota’s western neighbor, North Dakota.  Their legislature is considering removing the sales tax on clothing, which could draw shoppers from Minnesota and negate any tax benefit.

This bi-partisan idea came from a commission formed by Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty.   The Governor says he opposes the sales tax on clothing.

There’s nothing like upping the prices to get people to spend!

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Pretty, but Untrue

Obama’s words: Pretty, but Untrue.   Editorial from the New Hampshire Union Leader.

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Laugh, or Cry

Michael Ramirez, Investors Business Daily

Michael Ramirez, Investors Business Daily

Michael Ramirez, Investors Business Daily

Michael Ramirez, Investors Business Daily

Michael Ramirez, Investors Business Daily

Michael Ramirez, Investors Business Daily

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The Party is On!

2tea-party-017Tea Party events happening in more than 40 cities nationwide.

I’m listening to radio coverage of the Chicago Tea Party on WLS-AM Chicago right now!

To Twitter the event use #teaparty.

To Facebook the event go here.

11:06am central- Think it’s coincidence that Obama goes on for his Iraq Withdrawl speech at the start of the Tea Party AND the start of the Rush Limbaugh Show?

11:17am central- Pig balloons in D.C. , photo from Michelle Malkin.

11:24am central- Photo update from D.C. event.

Michelle Malkin at D.C. Tea Party

Michelle Malkin at D.C. Tea Party

11:26am central- Obama still talking. Giving a pull-out date to the terrorists.

11:33am central- Obama still talking.  Troops positioned behind him look stone-faced.  Disbelief, perhaps?

11:36am central- Obama finally done.  DOW down 30 points.

11:55am central- Waiting for event reports to start coming in.

12:08pm central- Someone in D.C. has my poster!! : )

The snow-bound version

The snow-bound version

12:50pm central- Joe the Plumber D.C. Tea Party visit.

Great video from D.C. Tea Party here.

1:10pm central- More images from D.C. event here.

1:21pm central- Michelle Malkin posting photos from Tea Parties across the country.

1:43pm central- Pictures from Chicago Tea Party! Minus me. : (

2:55pm central- The videos are going up from around the country.   Chicago here.  Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica here.  Michelle Malkin in D.C. here.  More from D.C. here.  Atlanta here and here.  Sacramento here.  Oklahoma City here.  Jacksonville here.

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“What’s the Number?” Recovery.gov comes to Wisconsin

Want to see how your grandchildren’s money is being spent in Wisconsin?

Just launched, the Wisconsin Office of Recovery and Reinvestment website.  Complete with a “Funding opportunity” link!

Their slogan:  Putting people to work.  Rebuilding Wisconsin. Getting the economy moving.

Silly me, I thought that was the Market’s job!

Russians Say Hello!

Putin’s sending a message.

Are we listening?

And is now still the time to scale down our nuclear arsenal?

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Tea Partier Snowed In

I was all set to head to Chicago last night with my beautiful signs…then the snow came.

Relegated to participating online, you can bet I will be doing my best to cover the 40 different events going on across the country.

Keep up with what’s happening throughout the day here!

PatriotBurr with her snow-bound signs

PatriotBurr with her snow-bound signs


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