Tell Me How You Really Feel…

President Obama and his new “stimulus czar,” Vice President Joe Biden, want to know what you think about the $787 billion Generational Theft Act.  Really?

No.  But they can pretend to care.  And it’s Monday, take out your frustrations here.

And share your story about how you didn’t take out an $800k mortgage (on a bus driver’s salary!) and you don’t want to pay for those who did!

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  1. I believe the world has gone mad. I have been married 25 years, lived in Africa 10 years doing missionary work, my 3 children are out of the house being productive citizens and now that WE are finally going to buy a house, we find out WE have to bail these irresponsible, greedy, ignorant fools out of their 800 thousand dollar mortgages, Give me a break Obama, I have lost all respect for you and your bunch, We got screwed when you came into town.And do NOT try to play a race card with me buddy, we are Black, hard working AMERICAN’S and are sick and tired of this nonsense! Garcia, you are a loser!

  2. What the bus driver doesn’t tell us is that she owned at least 3 properties from 2006 to 2008. Poor woman.

    She has owned a condo at 6001 Arlington #721, Falls Church, VA since 1999.

    She purchased 3438 Charles Street, Falls Church, VA on 1/05/05 for $510,000 and sold it on 6/10/08 for $429,000.

    Her current home – 1920 N. Dinwiddie Street, Arlington, Va -was purchased with her husband (Luis Guillermo Flores) on 11/16/06 for $800,000.

    Looks like they just got greedy. Are these the poor people that we’re supposed to help????

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