Founders vs. Feelings- Update

It took 116 days for dozens of men to discuss, write, and revise the Constitution of the United States.  Much longer, if you count the time of debating and theorizing that took place before the Constitutional Convention was even called on May 25, 1787.

There was a reason they designated Washington D.C. as the capital city, and a reason it holds no power as a state.

The citizens of D.C. can vote almost like any other American.  They have a Representative in Congress (always a Democrat since the position was restored in 1971) who votes, but the vote does not count.  This seems like a ridiculous exercise in itself.

Upset about this?  THEN AMEND THE CONSTITUTION.  A system is in place to do such a thing, but it is being circumvented, trampled on, and considered unimportant.  All because some FEEL like making this Democrat vote count is the right thing to do.  (The “deal” also includes giving conservative Utah an EXTRA Representative as a bribe to the GOP to go along.  And many are!)

Get the details here.

Update: The Senate passes the D.C. Voting Rights Act, adding 2 members to the House of Representatives, and disregarding the Constitution.   The legislation will face a House vote and conference before heading to the President.

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