The Party is On!

2tea-party-017Tea Party events happening in more than 40 cities nationwide.

I’m listening to radio coverage of the Chicago Tea Party on WLS-AM Chicago right now!

To Twitter the event use #teaparty.

To Facebook the event go here.

11:06am central- Think it’s coincidence that Obama goes on for his Iraq Withdrawl speech at the start of the Tea Party AND the start of the Rush Limbaugh Show?

11:17am central- Pig balloons in D.C. , photo from Michelle Malkin.

11:24am central- Photo update from D.C. event.

Michelle Malkin at D.C. Tea Party

Michelle Malkin at D.C. Tea Party

11:26am central- Obama still talking. Giving a pull-out date to the terrorists.

11:33am central- Obama still talking.  Troops positioned behind him look stone-faced.  Disbelief, perhaps?

11:36am central- Obama finally done.  DOW down 30 points.

11:55am central- Waiting for event reports to start coming in.

12:08pm central- Someone in D.C. has my poster!! : )

The snow-bound version

The snow-bound version

12:50pm central- Joe the Plumber D.C. Tea Party visit.

Great video from D.C. Tea Party here.

1:10pm central- More images from D.C. event here.

1:21pm central- Michelle Malkin posting photos from Tea Parties across the country.

1:43pm central- Pictures from Chicago Tea Party! Minus me. : (

2:55pm central- The videos are going up from around the country.   Chicago here.  Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica here.  Michelle Malkin in D.C. here.  More from D.C. here.  Atlanta here and here.  Sacramento here.  Oklahoma City here.  Jacksonville here.

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