Get Ready for World Stimulus


President Obama meets with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for the first time as President this week.

Brown reveals plans today to ask Obama to forge a Global New Deal.

One, in the Prime Minister’s words,

“Whose impact can stretch from the villages of Africa to reforming the financial institutions of London and New York– and giving security to the hard-working families in every country.

Got that?  A proposal not only to “rescue” the American economy, but that of the whole world.

And who’ll foot the bill?  That’s right.  YOU.

Brown goes on to reveal a further, more impactful agenda, claiming that

“…central to this new investment is that every country backs a green recovery for the future, that every country that wishes to participate in the international financial system agrees common principles for financial regulation, coordinated internationally, and changes to their own banking system that will bring us shared prosperity once again. And that, together, we must agree to reform the mandate and governance of global institutions to recognise the changing shape of the world economy and the emergence of new players.”

No longer using code words, Brown spells out the agenda for a New World Order.

“It is a global new deal that will lay the foundations not just for a sustainable economic recovery but for a genuinely new era of international partnership in which all countries have a part to play.”

Prime Minister Brown finishes with a promise to stand united,

“…as America stands at its own dawn of hope, I want that hope to be fulfilled through us all coming together to shape the 21st century as the first century of a truly global society.”

Interesting.  Another head of state called for a new world order just weeks ago.

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