Watch it Swirl the Bowl


Your “stimulus,” that is.

A new watchdog website allows you to see the proposed projects  submitted for your state.

Wisconsin has 358 projects on the list, for a total of $1.23 Billion.

$5.7 Million for ODOR CONTROL in Beloit.

$40 Million for the Madison Public Library.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!

$1 million to install a “green” roof on Milwaukee’s Central Library.

$3.5 Million to replace 100 police cars in Milwaukee.

$100 Million for mass transit in Milwaukee to “Develop and implement a street car system to improve access to downtown, reduce travel time, and vehicle emissions.”

$7 Million For “Construction of a pedestrian bridge over the Sheboygan River to retain jobs and development additional jobs to a pennisula area” (spelling all theirs).

THIS must be what Joe Biden was talking about when he said that the “stimulus” would help small businesses!

$7 Million to “Purchase additional land to expand the Sheboygan Business Center to allow for more industrial development.”  If industries want to develop, they can BUY THEIR OWN LAND!

$3.5 Million for the Children’s Museum of Green Bay.

My question is, will the kids- who are paying for it- get in free?

See the projects planned for your state here.


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