Limbaugh Challenges Obama to Debate- Update


In the first moments of his radio show Wednesday, America’s top-rated talk show host Rush Limbaugh offered to debate President Obama.

Limbaugh offered to send his private jet to pick Obama up and even promised to order $100-a-pound Kobe beef, the same the President has served at recent White House functions.

The challenge is a response to the discovery reported Wednesday by that Limbaugh has been an official target of the Obama administration.  Full article here.

Update:  Democrats start contest to billboard-bash Rush. Here.  Money well spent?

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  1. […] joins Rush Limbaugh (and Joe the Plumber) on the non-political enemies list of the White […]

  2. It’s sad that people cannot hear words AS THEY ARE said from the beginning. Truth hurts even with the most intellectual and ignorant of persons. Were did our real AMerica go!…such a waste of energy….
    we have no president yet with out proof of citizenship and without integrity. Neither one has been practiced yet. and we have four years of this?……there has been nothing but lies since he took office. each day he is in office is each day why I see more than ever why I changed my vote. Thank GOD!.

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