“Never Waste a Crisis”-Take 2

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has joined President Obama’s top aide in being perfectly transparent about what they intend to do with their power.

Clinton said in a speech in Brussels on Friday, on the subject of rebuilding a “green” economy,

“…never waste a good crisis.”

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said back in November 2008,

“Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

In case you don’t read their intentions, Clinton and Emanuel want to take the opportunity of the economic crisis we find ourselves in to push through their left-wing agenda.

To create a liberal utopia, where every business is unionized (card check), where everyone’s health care is “free” (Obama’s budget “downpayment”), where industry is punished for productivity and forced to ration and pay fines for pollution output (cap-and-trade), where speech is monitored and “balanced”- despite demand (“fairness” doctrine), where everyone is provided education from “birth until they start their career” (Obama’s words, not mine), where babies are killed (abortion on demand)- but terrorists aren’t! (closing of Guantanamo Bay).

This is the America that most Democrats are trying to create.  And they will take advantage of any crisis to do it.

It’s the America that punishes rugged individualism, the free market, the inborn spirit we have to achieve.

Now that’s a crisis.

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