Cheesehead Tea Party

Tea Party protest passes Lambeau Field

Tea Party protest passes Lambeau Field

My peeps came out Saturday in Green Bay, WI, for a tax-revolt tea party.

500 protested President Obama’s economic agenda, bailouts, tax hikes, and the trend toward socialism in America.

They weren’t the only ones to spend their Saturday demonstrating.  Michelle Malkin has a recap- with photos- here.

Even more from Pork Revolution here.


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  1. Tea parties are great..But direct action is greater. Just stop paying them our tax money. Claim all the exemptions you can that will dwindle your withholding to “0”. If you file and “owe”, send the forms without a check. There are 300 million of us and a handfull of them. Hell, let’s just find a way to get together and start a government ‘of the people’ as did our founding fathers. If not for us, then for our children. Why are we bending over to Obama’s socialism anyway? IMPEACH him NOW.

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