Seems Like Right Time to Cut Military Spending

President Obama’s proposed budget cuts military spending to 3.7% of GDP, citing “scarce resources,” which the Wall St Journal calls “preposterous, given the domestic spending blowout.

But perhaps Obama is right, in the face of:

Chinese Ships Harassed Unarmed Navy Craft in International Waters

China’s Navy Expansion ‘No Threat to Others’

North Korea Warns Intercepting ‘Satellite’ Will Prompt Counterstrike

Iran Crossed Nuclear Threshold

Mexican Drug Gang Activity Crossing Border

Continuing Russian Military Buildup

Hugo Chavez Sets Up Showdown

Somali-Americans’ Disappearances Raise Alarm of Terror Ties

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  1. Add to that the inept foreign policy moves of humiliating Downing Street, hanging our Eastern European allies out to dry with a secret letter to Medvedev (Putin’s sock puppet), a $900m snub to Israel in the form of aid to Gaza, and no control of our Southern border, one would think Obama would be interested in a larger military for all the fights he’s picking.

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