Gov. Jim Doyle as Hector Barbossa


Wisconsin’s getting plundered yet again.

Our pirate Governor, Democrat Jim “Barbossa” Doyle, apparently has no limits to when and how he’s willing to pillage  money from the servants of the state.

Hidden in his 2009-2011 proposed state budget is a raid of $25 Million in fee over-payments that was supposed to go as a rebate to the state’s cell phone users.

Beginning in 2005, Wisconsin cell users were charged a monthly fee to implement statewide 911 services.  The project was completed early and the surplus fees were due to be given back to customers.  You know, their money back to them.

Instead, Doyle wants to use the money how he wants to use the money- to help patch the $4 Billion gap in shared revenue funds.

This latest move is just on course for Doyle.

From the Appleton Post-Crescent

“…Doyle has pulled hundreds of millions of dollars from the state’s transportation fund to help balance deficits in his last three budgets. In the 2007-09 budget, he took $200 million out of a fund doctors and nurses pay into to cover medical malpractice claims.”

Proving once again that he’s unafraid to steal all of Wisconsin’s treasure.

More here.

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