Like Father, Like Daughter?

Meghan McCain has been making the media rounds, hatin’ on conservative humorist and author Ann Coulter and others.

The daughter of The Maverick thinks she’s going all “mavericky” herself.  But she just proves she’s willing to placate liberals and media types to get air time and “relevance” from those who’d love to cast her as the new turncoat-daughter Patty Davis.

Michelle Malkin has more on McCain’s newfound love for vulgar U.K. comic and Maverick-basher Russell Brand.

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  1. Will Everyone Named McCain Please Leave the Republican Party…

    Back in early 2007, about 20 months before the last Presidential election, I wrote a post called “Why I can’t trust John McCain.” I wasn’t alone. A Google search on “I don’t trust McCain” reveals a couple thousand hits. I……

    • The Megan Mccain thing reminds me of two things. We know that Megan is liberal on social issues. In 2000 in one of the last Primary debates the last three Rebublican canidates that were standing were Bush, Keyes and Mccain. The question was asked of Mccain what would he do if his daughter became pregnant. He said it would be a private family matter and they would decide which of the two choices would be made. Keyes called Mccain out on this inconsitancy on Mccain’s claim to be Pro-Life.

      The Megan Mccain episodes also remind me about an incendent in 2006. There was a celebrity in England at a huge gala. The Bush daughters were also in attendence. The celebrity put down thier father in front of them because of his stance on
      same sex marriage. What did the Bush daughters Do? They laughed it off and appeared that they wanted to appease the fashionistas.

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