President Obama- CEO, Government Motors

He’s the boss, applesauce!

From Michelle Malkin,

Photoshop credit: George of Elegant Memories

The Obama administration is swaggering over its firing of GM CEO Richard Wagoner and its demand for more restructuring concessions from GM and Chrysler before they dole out more money.

But the bottom line is, despite their threats to withhold the funds, the feds will eventually give them the billions of dollars in taxpayer money they need to prop up their failing businesses.

Barack Obama rose from community organizer to auto company usurper. Only in America.

Ed Morrissey points out that Obama has also cooked up a new government-backed warranty program:

Vehicle owners can expect the same kind of efficiency and expertise they receive there in handling warranty issues with their vehicles. Instead of working with dealers on the warranties, the government will now have to get involved, which will mean extensive paperwork for every warranty claim as the Directorate of Auto Warranties will have to account for every single penny, or at least those pennies that don’t get earmarked for Auto Warranty Bike Paths by Rep. Jim Oberstar.

And let’s not forget what this will do for Detroit’s competitiveness. Now that warranties will get funded by Uncle Sam, what do you suppose will happen to them? They’ll get shortened, and if they become uncompetitive, it will literally take an act of Congress to get longer warranties offered by Detroit. But that’s not what will really happen. If the Directorate of Auto Warranties discovers that the competition offers longer and more robust warranties, the Directorate will simply get Congress to pass laws outlawing them. After all, we can’t have a bunch of furriners undercutting Uncle Sam, can we? Why, that would be downright unpatriotic!

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  1. I doubt customer service will really be the same.

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