R.I.P. Gipper


It was 28 years ago today, on a Monday afternoon, that the first attempt was made on President Ronald Reagan’s life.

From WorldNetDaily,

From The Reagan Diaries, an entry from Monday, March 30, 1981.

“My day to address the Bldg. & Const. Trades Nat. Conf. A.F.L.-C.I.O. at the Hilton Ballroom – 2 P.M. Was all dressed to go & for some reason at the last min. took off my really good wrist watch & wore an older one.

Speech not riotously received – still it was successful.

Left the hotel at the usual side entrance and headed for the car – suddenly there was a burst of gun fire from the left…”

John Hinckley hit Reagan with a bullet as he approached his limousine. But Reagan, 70 at the time and only in office for 69 days was tough as nails. He recovered and went on to change the lives of not only all Americans, but the lives of millions upon millions worldwide. You can learn much more about our 40th president at the Reagan Library website: ReaganLibrary.com.

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