News Ladies with a Bias

They call this reporting?!

Unbelievable bullying by a CNN reporter who plays victim at the Chicago Tea Party.  She then throws it back to the CNN anchor after ripping dominant competitor Fox News and calling it “not family viewing.”  The anchor also shows her disdain for dissent against the Obama administration and the out-of-control spending.

I am beyond stunned.  I didn’t see this reporter at the event.  She’s lucky.

It’s titled “CNN Reporter Harassed.”  I think you’ll see it’s the other way around.

Later, Fox News Anchor Shep Smith responds.  Hilarious.

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  1. I feel for that reporter. Leaving the echo chamber at CNN and going to an anti-tax rally would be like someone abducting you from the sauna and dumping you in a snowbank.

    I liked her rant that went something like, “you get the gist; you can see what this is about. It’s anti-government…” She stopped short of calling in a Homeland Security air strike.

    I wish you had been there. When she said that Illinois was getting $50b in stimulus dollars, you would have pointed out to this brain donor who pays for that $50bn. That’s why we were out in force today.

  2. Tara –
    I am gasping for air. This is the extreme bias that people sometimes skeptical of its existence. Her journalism degree should be revoked. That was BY FAR the craziest piece of reporting I have ever seen.
    But hey – what does liberty have to do with taxes anyway? C’mon.

  3. Honestly, does she not get it – these monetary “benefits” she thinks are so great come from the taxpayers she so snidely puts down. And she thinks we should be grateful? What a dunce. How do they give out these journalism degrees these days – in a box of cereal?

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