Serious Journalism: “CNN on Obama’s Swagga”


To cleanse the palate, a dose of flava. Had Megyn Kelly pulled this on Juan Williams over at FNC — replete with rap intro and gratuitous fist bump — you’d have seen lefties immolating themselves in horrified protest at the cartoonish stereotyping. As it is, this isn’t half bad as a microcosm of the media’s coverage of The One’s first 100 days: Consumed with style and barely trying to conceal their admiration. When you’re fourth place in the ratings, I guess it doesn’t matter what you do; no one’s watching anyway. Click the image to watch.

How many seconds would it have taken for the left to cry RAACCIISSMM if this segment ran on Fox News?

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  1. Swagga – unbelievable. It was really embarrassing to watch. I am surprised she did not stand up and shake her booty

  2. This while the country is at war with people who want to kill us, while we have real people who are out of work. Someone is out of tune with reality. I’d rather see him sitting in the oval office for a change, getting some work done. Hasn’t he partied enough?

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