“Make Terrorists Choose Between Jumping and Burning…”

“Now that would be torture.”

A little more than two weeks until the Obama Administration has promised to release classified interrogation photos that will put U.S. military and, potentially, U.S. civilians in danger around the world.

But it took the threat of a lawsuit for the same Administration to agree to release (we’re still waiting…) a single photo of the $328, 000 terror-inducing fly-by of lower Manhattan.

Hey, Obama.   9/11…ever heard of it?

“Let’s flash back to the sunny September day when hell was unleashed on our nation. Many horrors could be recalled from 9/11, but I’d like to bring to remembrance just one: The roughly 200 innocent souls, by one estimate, forced into the inconceivable choice to hurl themselves from the towers to escape the searing heat and smothering smoke from flaming jet fuel.

Author Michael Daly recounted the scene: “Some jumped together, holding hands. Most leapt singly, often tumbling as they fell . . . most were on their backs as they reached the lower floors, facing the heavens if not necessarily heaven. Their last sight was of the perfect baby-blue sky as they struck the pavement with a velocity that instantly turned a living person into a bright red splatter. The sound was jarring, loud, a body becoming a bomb.”

You say Khalid Sheik Mohammed was waterboarded 183 times? Cry me a river.

How about if we had tossed this cold-hearted butcher into a room on a platform some 1,300 feet up, fired it up to a toasty 2000oF, pumped in the acrid smoke of combusting fuel, and given KSM a better choice than his blameless victims got: Talk, jump or feel your flesh sizzle off?

Now that might have been torture.”

The must-read article for all Americans from Bob Maistros here.

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  1. I’m new to your stuff but I like this post. It DOES seem like these people forget the 9/11 attacks. Didn’t they ever get angry? Don’t they realize the next attack will come if they let it? I’ve been writing about the same thing today.

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