Want “Free” Health Care? Just Don’t Get Sick.

I recently had a good friend, who’s a highly-trained trauma physician, tell me she would never practice socialized medicine.  My gut tells me she’s not alone.

“Free” health care = no health care.

Here’s an easy-to-understand education from Tuesday’s Wall St Journal for anyone who tells you universal care will solve all our problems.

From Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and a practicing internist.

“Doctors will consolidate into larger practices to spread overhead costs, and they’ll cram more patients into tight schedules to make up in volume what’s lost in margin. Visits will be shortened and new appointments harder to secure. It already takes on average 18 days to get an initial appointment with an internist, according to the American Medical Association, and as many as 30 days for specialists like obstetricians and neurologists.

Right or wrong, more doctors will close their practices to new patients, especially patients carrying lower paying insurance such as Medicaid. Some doctors will opt out of the system entirely, going “cash only.” If too many doctors take this route the government could step in — as in Canada, for example — to effectively outlaw private-only medical practice.”

Full article here.

Listen to real stories of government-run health care, from Conservatives for Patients’ Rights.

Via HotAir and Townhall, a look at the Senate Finance Committee hearings on health-care reform.

“The speaker, Professor Stuart Altman of Brandeis University, tells the committee that resources get wasted in the American health-care system, especially for one segment of the population. Professor Altman says he’s reluctant to mention it, but why waste money on in-depth treatment for people who won’t live long anyway? Better to warehouse them and save the resources for the young:”

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  1. She’s not alone. My wife is among those physicians who would quit medicine.

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