“5 Character Flaws that are Destroying America’s Future”

Photo Credit: Oregon Trail Center

Photo Credit: Oregon Trail Center

This straight-forward piece by John Hawkins is a simple rebuttal to anyone who challenges you with “what’s really so wrong with America?”

(You’ll have to get past his use of the “word” irregardless, which Merriam-Webster considers to be an actual word, but makes my skin crawl)

From Townhall.com,

1) Lack Of Personal Responsibility: As a society, we encourage a “victimhood mentality” and an overweening government that never met an issue it didn’t want to dive into with both feet; so we shouldn’t be surprised that so many Americans expect to be rewarded for failure.

If GM fails, we’ve got to step in and keep it afloat. If people snuck into this country illegally, we can’t be so hardhearted as to obey the law and deport them! If you bought a house you couldn’t afford, you shouldn’t be penalized for that when the market takes a bad turn. If you bought a blender, tried to start it in your bathtub, and were nearly electrocuted — that’s not your fault! The manufacturers should have put a warning sticker on it.

We’re descended from pioneer stock. Our ancestors explored, conquered, and tamed a continent. They couldn’t rely on the police to show up if an Indian raiding party showed up at their isolated cabin at 3 AM. There was no school lunch program on the Oregon Trail. If your buggy whip company was going out of business because of those new fangled auto-mo-biles, you didn’t get 20 billion dollars in taxpayer money so you could open up a new branch in China, you went out of business. If our ancestors were alive, they would sneer in disdain at what a nation full of whining babies their descendants have become.

Full text here.

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