I’m Reading the Bill. Are They?

The House Health Care Bill dropped Tuesday and I dove right in.

Why?  I want to know what’s actually in the 1081 (for now) pages of legislation.  If it’s passed, this will- no matter what Obama says- fundamentally change American life.

It will drive private insurance companies out of business.

It will cause businesses to lay off and/or hire fewer employees.  At a time when unemployment is at a 25 year high.

It will cause individuals and companies to earn less money, make fewer investments, and take less risk.

It will cost more than projected.

It will rob Americans of choice in health care.

It will create long lines, life-threatening waits for care, and doctor shortages.

Here’s what I find as I read the bill, which you can find and read for yourself here.

Ok, I’ve found dental and vision coverage for all “children” under 21 years old.

Ah, and a Private-Public medical advisory board that will have 18 members (conveniently) appointed by the President, plus a few others indirectly appointed, to determine covered benefits. To be named within 60 days of the passage of the legislation (even though I believe it’s not supposed to fully kick in until 2015…interesting). Ah…limited to 3 year terms, EXCEPT this initial board, whose terms “shall be adjusted” in order to provide staggered terms. Again, certainly just a technicality.

HA! It only requires ONE of these people to be a physician OR “health professional or expert on child’s health”!!!!!

The creation of a “Health Choices Commissioner.” This is layer upon layer of new bureaucracy. That’s sure to improve health care.

Some regulations starting Jan 1, 2011…

“Entity shall provide for culturally and linguistically appropriate communication and health services.” p.91

p.116 starts “Public Insurance Option” if you’re looking for it.

p.120 “In order to provide for the establishment of the public insurance option there is hereby appropriated to the Secretary, out of any funds in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, $2 billion, …plus any other funds not otherwise appropriated to cover the first 90 days of program claims.” WHY DO WE HAVE UNAPPROPRIATED FUNDS (AKA, OUR MONEY!!) SITTING IN THE TREASURY???

Oh, it’ll be paid BACK to the Treasury over 10 years…right.

p. 124 for all you providers out there!
“There shall be no administrative or judicial review of a payment rate or methodology.”

p. 167 begins the amendments to the tax code required by this legislation. snooze…

Ok, if you don’t comply with the requirements the penalty is an extra 2.5% tax on your adjusted gross income for the year.

Hmmm…there are religious exemptions.

Employers who fail to comply in providing coverage for their employees will be fined $100 A DAY.

Ah, NOW we know what the Democrats consider to be “rich.”
p.190, “Credit not allowed with respect to certain highly compensated employees…$80,000” No lie.

p.195-196 Your federal income tax return information and number of dependents can be disclosed to “officers and employees of the Health Choices Administration, or to a state-based health insurance exchange.”

p.197 Now it gets good. “Surcharge on High Income Individuals”

1% of AGI on $350k, up to $500k which moves you to 1.5%, up to $1 million, which moves you to 5.4%. UNTIL, Dec. 31, 2012, when p.199 substitutes the figures 2% instead of 1%, and 3% instead of 1.5%.

That’s up to page 215.  More to follow.

p. 234 Doesn’t require a report from HHS to evaluate effectiveness of legislation until 2016!

p. 236 The bill defines an adequate reduction in the uninsured as “exceeding 8%” between 2012 to 2014. EIGHT PERCENT?  That’s success, for more than a TRILLION DOLLARS!!

p. 238 starts Physician Services.

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