Cool Summer Reception for Reps.

Great report from Michelle Malkin, author of the new book Culture of Corruption, about the cool homecoming Reps are getting.

Worth reading and watching for inspiration as you attend forums, make office hours, write letters and make phone calls of your own!  Or, my personal favorite, parade protests.  Even in this off-year it’ll be fun.

Democrat Rep. Lloyd Doggett went home to Austin, Texas, and heard from his constituents about the planned government health care takeover.

Message: “Just say no!”

This taxpayer counterinsurgency is exactly what I talked about on the ABC This Week panel earlier today. The long, hot recess is underway. Make yourselves heard. Mark your calendars for the nationwide August 22 Recess Rally. Prepare to be demonized, of course.

And don’t let up until socialized medicine goes down:

In Philadelphia, Kathleen Sebelius and Arlen Specter get an earful (the YouTube user who posted the video calls the protesters “crazies.” You’re going to get a lot of that. Just carry on):

Better video and report from Andrew Monaghan here. Here’s one question from a woman who ticks off failed government program after failed government program and concludes, “How Can You Manage Health Care When You Can’t Manage Cash For Clunkers?”

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  1. Ron Kind will be in Whitehall on 8/21 according to his website:

    Friday, August 21st
    Tri-County Memorial Hospital
    Education Room
    18601 Lincoln St.
    Whitehall, WI 54773-8605
    (715) 538-4361


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