We’re Broke!

The world’s watching as our brand new governor begins to follow through on his campaign promise to get Wisconsin working again. 

I’ve neglected blogging, as I’ve moved action mainly to Facebook these days, but realized I’m missing out on a chance to pass along some first-hand reporting I’ve been doing through this “crisis.” 

If you don’t know what’s happening in the Badger state, you can catch up here.

(Potential R rated content in many videos linked here, due to the unhinged vulgarity of the “peaceful” protesters.)

I have a hunch (based on some good tips and also intuition) that at least some of the Gang of 14 senate Dems will be returning soon.   

Last night it was reported by @Liberty_Chick on Twitter, that Democrat Sen. Tim Cullen was seen driving across the state line into WI last night.  She won’t give away her sources and no one was confirming the story this morning, so I (did the obvious, and) called Cullen’s office around 9:00am.  His aide told me that the story was a “rumor” and that Cullen was not in WI.  She said “he will not return without all the others.” 

 “No one wants to be the 20th vote,” she said.   I asked if the senator had any plans to return soon and she reiterated, “Not without the others.”

I contacted Liberty_Chick, who responded and stands by her report that Sen. Cullen WAS in WI last night. 

So if Cullen was back in WI, why was he here and then why did he leave?   Change of heart?  Union threats?  Or, as a friend of mine suggested, did he just need a new shirt?

Of course, many sources have also reported that he was in Kenosha on Monday to meet with Republican Sen. Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald

They’re starting to crack.

Somebody keep an eye on I-90.  

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  1. I remember during the Obamacare debate the dems kept saying that the GOP was the party of no and they didn’t have a plan.

    The dems are just whining about spending cuts, but can’t seem to show a plan to fund the spending they want. Without a plan, they have nothing to debate, nothing to bargain with.

  2. There’s that mothball odor again. 😉

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