UWEC Staff Bites Hand That Feeds Them

The more your boss succeeds, the greater chance you have of succeeding, right?  Seems like a simple concept, but it’s clear that some faculty and staff of (my alma mater) the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire don’t get it.

A strong business climate results in more tax collection, which shores up more money for government.  I would assume then that even those who oppose “evil” business owners and corporations would want their community’s private sector to succeed, if for nothing more than the tax collection to provide the government jobs and services they adore.

But maybe it’s more fun just getting “even?”

UWEC faculty and staff were sent an email March 18th by Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich, chastising them for political activism while on the job.  (Fellow taxpayers, that’s our time and dime.)

“While I understand these are difficult times and that passions continue to run high, I urge you to review and follow all guidelines pertaining to campaign activities associated with the use of state time or resources.

You also should refrain from using your title or affiliation with the University in a way that suggests your private political campaign activity is somehow officially related to, or sanctioned by, the University.

Finally, I want to state in the strongest possible terms that, as taxpaying citizens of Wisconsin, you are in no way prohibited from exercising your constitutional rights, and I encourage you to do so in a way that complies with all applicable state law and policies.”

In other words, keep up the good work.  Just don’t get caught doing it during work hours.

The list compiled by UWEC staff contains some of the largest and most respected businesses in the Chippewa Valley.  It’s surprising to me that these supposedly intelligent professionals can’t understand that socking it to these companies could hurt the jobs of their neighbors, who pay their salary and benefits!

Further confusing is the presence on the boycott list of businesses that have given to both parties, and those who haven’t donated money to Walker at all.

It’s their right to boycott.  In a legal, non-threatening way.  And it’s also our right to know where to spend money.  So, here you go (list published here as I received it, with no edits).

Pro-Walker Businesses  – “ Local”      (researched and complied by UWEC Staff)

Kwik Trip     (Moveon)

Oakleaf Surgical Hospital, Eau Claire    (Huff. Post: lg. Republican donations…Kapanke)

County Concrete   (Moveon)

M&I Bank   (Moveon)

Menard’s    (Moveon)

Wal-Mart    (Moveon)

John Markquart   (Huff. Post: lg. Republican donations…Kapanke)

Dave Markquart   (admission in letter)

Market & Johnson

Stella Blues    (WRA Dining Guide)

Mogie’s   ( “ )

Mona Lisa’s      ( “ )

Livery (all WRA Dining Guide, all John Moganson)

The Coffee Grounds    (thinks provisions in the bill would be “good for business”)

Gordon Schafer of Gordy’s Markets

Rick Lambrecht of Mega Foods gave money to both parties

Skogen Family and other officials of Festival Foods

Reit’s Garden Center

Wipfli LLP

J&D Manufacturing

Lebakken Rent to Own

Fantastic Sam’s

Ayres and Associates

Royal construction

Lorman Education Services  $10,000

Stucky Chiropractic

Stender Chiropractic

Optima Health and Vitality

Herrick and Hart

Weld, Riley, et al.  (the EC School District’s retained Law Firm!)

Park Ridge Distributing

Tri-Mart Corp

Larson Companies (over $6,000)

Prudential Benrud Realty

Elk Lake Tavern

William Rauckman   (chief exec of Professional Hair Design Academy)

Peter Farrow (chief exec of Group Health)    (the EC School District’s health provider!)

Discover Wisconsin

Burger King


Ken Vance

Mouldy’s Archery

PAC Groups:

Concerned Realtors Committee $43,000

Realtors PAC $43,000

Koch PAC $43,000

Wisconsin Dental PAC $43,000

WI Builders Association $18,000

Associated Builders and Contractors PAC $15,000

WAL PAC Walmart $15,000

Tavern Industry PAC $13,500

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  1. It is inexplicable except to say that they are ignorant in the matter of economics. I enjoyed taking economics and wish that it and civics were heavily emphasized in secondary education.

    We have too many takers that are voters and need to start making efforts to reeducate our fellow citizens and youth about our founders, their principles, what the constitution actually states, what the real definitions of words were at the time it was created so that real understanding can be achieved, and the fact that our country was founded as a representative republic and not a democracy. It would be good to instruct people about how private property rights are likely the best guarantee that the rest of our rights and liberties will be available to us.

    Thanks for this list. We should give some serious thought to creating a group to educate people about the constitution, states rights, and the confiscatory nature of property rights!

    • Right on! The tax-eaters will soon outnumber the taxpayers if they don’t already.

      Wisconsin has one of the nation’s highest per capita debts. My family wasn’t here to run it up and if the unions and the Democrats won’t allow massive changes to the budget, then we’ll take our practices out of state rather than stick around to foot the bill.

      That’ll be the big educator for the tax-eaters. When the producers leave the state, what will they do?

  2. When I saw the title of this article I thought it was going to be about another matter affecting EWEC. I wonder how many of the protestors realize that the school system is counting on the passage of the bill. Why do they need it to pass? Because in the bill is 44 million dollars for a new education building they are wanting to build. EWEC has been a loud voice in the protests, maybe they shouldn’t get the funds even if it does finally pass.

  3. Thank you for the additional motivation to remain true to my conservative beliefs. Keep the pressure on them!

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